banner-ceo-msgThe population of Pakistan is 180 million, which is increasing at an annual growth rate of 2.26%. Although the growth rate has declined during the last two decades, yet, it is one of the highest in the world, whereas the labour forced estimated is 40.56 million of which 33.94 million (83.68%) are males and 6.62million (16.32%) are females. The overall Labour force participation rate is about 29%. 37.05 million persons (91.35%) of total labour forces are employed. Whereas about 3.51 million persons of total labour forces are un employed. They Constitute 8.65% of the labour force.

Pakistan being a developing country is confronting with, among others, the increasing problem of unemployment caused by rapid increase both in the population and labour force which has jolted the whole economy.

The reduction of unemployment is the main objective of the Goveernment, which has introduced policies, wherein, measure have been taken with a view to release the pressure of unemployment. In this direction emigration is one the significant and immediate steps, which may help in eradicating the menace of unemployment.

Pakistan has remained an attractive labour market for manpower recipient countries. Prior to 70;s the outflow of Pakistani workers was toward Europe, USA, Canada and mainly to UK.

In the early 70’s the upsurge of developmental activities and booming economies in the advance countries, in general and oil rich countries of Gulf and Middle East, in particular , which were and are still deficient in manpower resources paved the way for a country having surplus labour economy like Pakistan to ponder over and make effective and constructive policies to capture the labour markets of manpower needy counties, so our second aim is to deploy the manpower on the required companies sites and provide them skilled and quality manpower at the formulation of “Conformance to the Requirement”.

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