Social Responsibility

Our business comes with heavy social responsibility, and we assume such challenges. For many Pakistani families the only source of better living are the members who go to overseas employment and earn for them for their better living ,in this way, we are the first door step for them where they knock with high expectation of better career of their own and their families as well. We realized and take the honor and humble pride for serving our social purpose and indeed we exist to serve our fellow-men and country.

Business Transparency

Our company strictly adheres to a sound business approach through a self-imposed demand for transparency, dealing with foreign clients are exactly as per agreement and commitments documented and signed. The same we extended to the local clients (contract workers), all employment terms and condition those are declared by employer

Quality Orientation

Lasifa international is ISO 9001:2008 certified, this is certification to ensure that product or services are safe, reliable and good quality. For us quality involve everyone our suppliers, our organization and our valued clients. Success of any project will not be realized that for us deliver quality services, we need their participation.