moodyLasifa International (Overseas Employment Promoters), primarily a Pakistan licensed manpower recruiting agency registered under MPD 1668 RWP, is engaged in the recruitment and supplying of Pakistani manpower for overseas employment. Our pool of manpower ranges from highly professionals such as managers, engineers, technical staff and up to general workers from different areas of industries in GULF side, such as petrochemical industry, power plant construction and maintenance, telecom industry, hotel services, heavy mechanical workshops, third party consulting services like quality health and environment, Quality control and assurances services etc. Building construction and school and college faculty staffing etc. Here at Lasifa International our business goal is simple: Total customer satisfaction, through quality and personalized delivery of each given project plus value added services. Through utilization of ISO guidelines we aim at embedded a strong awareness of quality in our organization to the benefit of all three parties, foreign client, agency and local clients (candidate).

With the population of 180 million people, Pakistan is one of countries those are bestowed with skilled, hardworking and professional people. That’s why Pakistan is considered as a big source of manpower for those prospecting employers who find a need to fill their need for manpower outside their own countries. Our company that’s why exists to cater the need of these prospecting employers/ companies to acquire their manpower from Pakistan.

Four Things you should know about us……..


We‘re an independent owner-managed recruitment company flexible in delivering bespoke solutions and we care about exceeding clients expectations.


We deal recruitment of all kind of staff in the areas of petrochemical, power plant construction, IT & telecom, Building construction, Drilling, agriculture, Transportation, Hotel etc.


We provides all kind of visas, work, residence, visit, family etc


We support our clients in attestation of their documents etc.

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